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The van Niekerk Family

Three Generations of Table Grape Growers

Wessel's grandfather, John van Niekerk bought a farm named Leeuenhoek in 1927, situated in the 24 Riviere valley. The farm was divided between the 6 children to farm and over time more land was bought by them. The main focus was on vegetables and wine grapes. The area was well known for its early vegetable window and one of the main suppliers to the Cape Town Market. 


Jan van Niekerk, one of the brothers, worked in Paarl at that stage and he was introduced to table grapes. He took 5 Alfonse vines and planted it on Leeuenhoek where he observed that the cultivar was much earlier compared to the Paarl valley area. This was the run-up to the first plantings in the early sixties in the valley. 


Due to the success of the table grape exports, packed in wooden boxes with wood wool at this time, more plantings followed. With the table grapes expansions in the Berg River area the construction of the Voëlvlei canal system commenced, which facilitated large-scale irrigation possibilities. Wessel took over the farm Lankgewag from his father, now known as Wesland, and together with his BEE partner Warren he is the 3rd generation to expand and grow this farm with the 4th generation following in his footsteps. 


The main advantages of this area are excellent soil conditions, little to no extreme weather conditions, steady rainfall along with consistent spring water and sustainable labor communities. With love and passion being the two main ingredients at this farm we look forward to welcoming you!


Our Accreditations and Standards






For more information on our Food Safety and Accreditations please reach out to us and we will be happy to share the relevant documentation!

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